3B Scientific 1000063, Human Skull Model, Half Transparent

3B Scientific 1000063, Human Skull Model, Half Transparent

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3B Scientific, 1000063, Human Skull Model, Half Transparent and Half Bony The new BONE like Skulls are made of a new material that allows and absolutely natural reproduction of even finest anatomical structures of the human skull for the first time

Bones made of 3B BONE like look real, have and absolutely natural feel and almost exactly the weight of a natural bone

By combining one transparent and one bony skull half this is the first model to allow teachers, especially those of human anatomy, a topographical juxtaposition of the structures that cannot be seen in other skull versions

In addition, the external masticator muscles masseter and temporal muscles are represented on the bony skull half

The right, transparent skull half allows the study of important anatomical details, such as the location of the paranasal sinuses

The skull can be disassembled into both halves of the skullcap and base of skull, the nasal septum, the complete mandible and both masticator muscles

The teeth from the skull are removable for detailed studies

The transparency of the jaw in this skull allows and exceptional view onto the periodontal pockets and roots

Therefore, in combination with the left, bony skull half, a direct transfer of the otherwise invisible structures becomes easy and uncomplicated

These features also make the skull especially valuable for dentists

This replica is a valuable addition to any study of the human anatomy.

To demonstrate masticator movement, the lower jaw in the skull is mounted flexibly